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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Heaven,Hell,and Spirituality: Khomba Soap, Goat Milk Soap, and Bali Made Soaps.

Heaven,Hell,and Spirituality: Khomba Soap, Goat Milk Soap, and Bali Made Soaps.

Get goat soap at wahlee shop.

Heaven,Hell,and Spirituality: What is here?? I cannot remember!

Heaven,Hell,and Spirituality: What is here?? I cannot remember!


Nothing is oompah loompah like a great holiday.

Relax when working, relax when sleeping.

Put relaxed mind into your body.

What is the relationship of mind to what exists?

Is it like atoms or waves or a separate reality.

Something so close to most of us,

and it is the creation itself???
Is tooth cleanliness in your priority of mind and body? Is looking at herbs from other countries of personal interest? I have been looking for a special product that we previously set our shop aside from others by having. We used to, well dad used to have dried salted duck, Chinese sausages, hundred year old eggs. Apart from red tape that means we cannot make things on our premises any more, these are now widely available. For a while we were big on fireworks. This can still be popular, but many other people look like they are selling interesting fireworks too. Maybe people will come back to us. Chinese medicines have to see a resurgence. Many are complaining about the products they are given in the health sector, but they just like to complain as they can easily find excellent products elsewhere. They will probably come back to people like us. What you do is what you do. Even if as some say there are attempts to force people onto the standard products, a simple change in people's awareness would mean that there would be no power at all to achieve this. so I would not be surprised that both supporters and protesters about things are secretly on the same side. Clever folks that have some so stupid that it discredits great information. So this product comes up made with a great extract of a local top New Zealand herb. Some science is coming out to back the traditional ad hoc beliefs but I feel just by use I feel confident to sell it. One product is for tooth and gum health. It is called tooth and Gum detoxifier. Sounds a little flash, but some may need to feel that there is some sophistication in this simply made product. Use it by putting some on a tooth brush. brush away to your heart's content. As it is coconut oil based, there will be no hurting of gums or danger to thinning of your dentine. I assume that you are really clever with the internet and websites as that link will take you to the general online shop rather than to the actual page. So while there, why not buy some NZ honey? Manuka honey is delicious and also useful on your skin. So when at the website you will have to search around for the detoxifier. I would rather not say too much. You may feel that I am just wanting your money. Take it another way. What is money for? It is only useful if there are things to buy with it. It is only useful if the is this tooth and gum detoxifier, or if there is Manuka Honey, or if there is kawakawa inhalant. Buy something before an asteroid hits and makes all money useless. No, GUARD. I invoke GUARD, and there is no hurry. Nothing will happen and you will only buy what is necessary to you and you will live to a ripe age with a safety barrier of money in the bank. Sorry to talk of money. It is not for your money that I sell this product. It is great to have a product that I feel is special and of value.

IS THIS THOTH? Are you TEUTONIC??? Hat would be Germany> but I thought you were Atlantean? You been everywhere!