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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Various books from Kindle.

If you look at some Kindle books mentioned here on this blog, it gives you a chance to read now after purchase. Then it certainly opens the book up to be read on your Personal computer or your Apple Mac. It is possible to read the publication immediately. Unless you do have a Kindle, and if then then you would know what to do anyway, then just push the "Read NOW" button and the book is certainly going tp go straight to your computer. Possibly to your phone as well? I have not tried to read these on my phone as t could be a little small? Of course, some have bigger phone screens or tablets or whatever you call the Mac devices. They would be excellent I imagine and then you could tuck yourself up in bed to read .

A book posted here for me or you to buy from. I will try myself to see if it works?

Monday, 4 July 2016

Here is a very affordable diamond. It is ultra affordable monoatomic GOLD.

I bought this as it was so cheap anyway, but what words of value! It also taught what I have already been taught. Wonderful memories, PERFECT reinforcement.

Books mentioned here are not your typical book. Their reality box a little unusual for you possibly.

Great times spent. Sometimmes I feel that it needs something strong like one of those books to get me off Facebook- usually three hours of very poor time spent. Hard to stop going back there. Even friends that point out wrong doings may not be helping I feel. Posters can actually do more harm than good. They may help to promote a depressing feeling of depowerment as one author says. One or two posters there on Facebook have been interesting however. And some actually very interesting. But some take bits and pieces out of some of these books advertised around on this blog. These books are actually delving more deeply into some of the awarenesses put into seriousness, into depth, with great focus. And the life experiences are on the hard to believe side of our universe. A parallel World right NOW. When you go back to social media with even one of those books under your belt, you may feel that you can contribute in a more productive way. Like a holiday, BE AWAY.

Eclipse Takes by Barry Wah Lee- the blog creator.

So this book being promoted here, is by the person that has set up this blog. I have bought " How to write a book in 60 days" I also have bought off the internet a course called "Kindling" which taught how to write a book and publish it on the Kindle format. In reality, I should keep trying, but I seem to have lost the original lesson. What he recommended which I have not managed to achieve, is to have a very good cover. Another main point remembered, is to write a Fiction novel. But for anyone kind enough to buy it, will you maybe write a review please? Thank you.