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Monday, 4 July 2016

Here is a very affordable diamond. It is ultra affordable subatomic GOLD.

I bought this as it was so cheap anyway, but what words of value! It also taught what I have already been taught. Wonderful memories, PERFECT reinforcement.

Books mentioned here are not your typical book. Their reality box a little unusual for you possibly.

Great times spent. Sometimmes I feel that it needs something strong like one of those books to get me off Facebook- usually three hours of very poor time spent. Hard to stop going back there. Even friends that point out wrong doings may not be helping I feel. Posters can actually do more harm than good. They may help to promote a depressing feeling of depowerment as one author says. One or two posters there on Facebook have been interesting however. And some actually very interesting. But some take bits and pieces out of some of these books advertised around on this blog. These books are actually delving more deeply into some of the awarenesses put into seriousness, into depth, with great focus. And the life experiences are on the hard to believe side of our universe. A parallel World right NOW. When you go back to social media with even one of those books under your belt, you may feel that you can contribute in a more productive way. Like a holiday, BE AWAY.

Eclipse Takes by Barry Wah Lee- the blog creator.

So this book being promoted here, is by the person that has set up this blog. I have bought " How to write a book in 60 days" I also have bought off the internet a course called "Kindling" which taught how to write a book and publish it on the Kindle format. In reality, I should keep trying, but I seem to have lost the original lesson. What he recommended which I have not managed to achieve, is to have a very good cover. Another main point remembered, is to write a Fiction novel. But for anyone kind enough to buy it, will you maybe write a review please? Thank you.

OK here is a quantum shift possibility. Too expensive? This is the kindle version.

Well, I have been buying and reading lots of kindle books posted here. Just so handy is the kindle system if you need to have a word explained.Just highlight the word and find an explanation come up. Words can be made bigger or smaller/ ( Are those low wattage lamps ruining your eyesight too?) Here we are, a Kindle can have letters of various sizes( just push your fingers apart and the letters increase). I am not sure that is needed when reading on a laptop though.I do not think that letter size can be changed on a PC. Seems easy enough reading on this, a PC as I read things on now.

Some physical reality book, leaf its pages. Quantum Larson.

I May buy this, but on the Kindle reality, in lay terms, on the digital book kindle system. If you want or prefer, you can buy the flick through the leaves of a book version here. I would be worried to have so many books as some do, in their amazing studies or study rooms, with huge numbers of books every where.I see that sometimes. People with millions of hardback books high and low. You might have that type of room anyway. You may find that a form of PARADISE. I can understand entirely! Reading a book is like taking a quantum jump type of trip to anywhere you want to go. Forwards, backwards or even to NOW in time. Some of these books have time actually disappear. Disappear into a dreamy concept of our supposedly intelligent leaders, guides, guides to the wrong place in many cases. But let me introduce you to another product that promises much. Well how else do you decide to buy a book, or watch a movie, or even go on a date? Book( kindle one) is proving very meaty. Cold in NZ in Auckland... This resonates with our winter upon us... Getting out of bed on a frosty morning

Friday, 1 July 2016

Seems to be some actual interest in this blog? Started some time ago, Facebook seems to invite more posting.

Some posts seem to get some looks? The books advertised are from the Amazon service and I doubt that the books would otherwise be easy to obtain? Not from our mainstream bookshops in New Zealand, anyway. I know that you will enjoy them as much as I did. It is not a hedonistic type of enjoyment either. Subjects that have not been touched on in this blog are cats and food. I do love those . Mentioned in the Quantum Jumps book are Shrodinger's Cat or cats. Alive, Dead, Alive and Dead. Maybe not even in the box? In NZ we have Gareth Morgan's Cats. They are probably in the same situation. A Picture in the circle above is from Kat Miller's Energy Circle teachings.