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Thursday, 9 June 2016


Oh boy, a teacher answered me about Jesus that he was the King of the Jews. His brother and helpers were not as supported by wealthy folloers as Paul. But actually, Jesus taught Judaism. Judaism requires circumcism. This is difficult for rich that may die through infections. Maybe it is more easy for all to follow Judaism proper now? JESUS CHRIST remains a power just in quoting and sayng his name out aloud. But there is no religion created by Jesus. This was a creation of Paul. There were subtleties, The Roman Christianity was created by having them kill Jesus under the orders of Jews. Thus they were let off the hook. But through the way and stories of Paul, Christianity was to become a religion of enormous success as it could even be taken to far flung nothing to do with Jew Island and Eastern lands. There was a more bloodthrirsty event before the Boxer rebellion. It was the Taiping rebellion and that was in aid of a man that felt he was the younger brother of Christ?? 20 million or so Chinese died as he tried to spread his form of Christianity. All forms of christianity try to emulate success thayt has come to others.

Switchwords. Some Words are very more useful than others. Beyond words, colours and numbers are yuseful as well.

6,894,852 Emerald (Green Cosmic Ray) Gemstone/Crystal: Emerald Imbalances/Positive Qualities: Domestic bliss. Harmony. Loyalty. Opens Solar Plexus Chakra. Physical and emotional healing. One of the strongest physical healing gemstones. Emerald is the carrier of the green ray.